“Where do I start?”, is a common question when meeting clients for the first time. Discussing a Digital Marketing Strategy is a vital part of your annual planning. There is growing awareness regarding the increasing number of acronyms and jargon surrounding digital marketing strategy, can you identify them all?






Answers to the above Digital Marketing Acronyms.

Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy that helps you Be Seen & Be Heard!

Awareness of the terminology can be enough on occasion, but between implementing, monitoring, and constantly updating a business website, there are a number of things better left to a professional. When reviewing your digital marketing plan isn’t an option because there isn’t one, you may have difficulty knowing where to start.

Always remember, data driven decisions remove emotionality and insular thinking related to the selection of an appropriate marketing a path.

A natural first step is to ask the question, “if five people were to call your office today, what would they be looking for?” The answer to this question determines the most important factors in designing your website, creating a content strategy, selecting social media, and implementing your digital marketing strategy. The answer to the aforementioned question will direct your strategy in selecting keywords to optimize your site around.

If you’re more of a ‘do-er’ we have created this Digital Marketing Strategy Template for you to fill out. Answering the questions in the document will go a long way towards determining a final strategy for you to execute and monitor.

Next, you want to make sure your website is equipped with an analytics program to determine where site traffic is originating from. Data collected through analytics will relay which devices are being used to access your site, and the frequency and duration of visits. Other information is collected as well, forming the basis for informed decision making moving forward.

Once you have a keyword optimized website and analytics installed, you can begin identifying social media channels to engage with. Along with a Blog to host frequently updated content, Social Media channels can be used to more effectively distribute your message. Another item to address is to begin claiming your Directory profiles to spread the word about your product or service.

Claiming and managing your digital presence is an increasingly important component of a marketing strategy. The above recommendations are just the start of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us through social media or give us a call 312-339-9359.

We’ll help you Be Seen & Be Heard throughout Arlington Heights, The Northwest Suburbs, and beyond.