Boosting Web Traffic, Social Engagement and Service Calls with Expert Digital Marketing

How does a local heating and air conditioning service and installation firm rev up its digital marketing—and maximize return on investment? 

Success requires digital marketing expertise and the ability to bring many tools and channels together seamlessly.

Company Profile

SERVICE AREA:  Northwest Chicago Suburbs, DuPage County
TIME IN BUSINESS: 40+ years in business
SERVICES: Repair, maintenance, and installation


Key Outcomes


Growth in Web Traffic


Growth in New Site Visitors


Growth in New Social Followers


Increase in Social Referral Traffic

The Challenge

For 40 years, this HVAC firm had serviced Chicago’s suburbs with installation, repair, and maintenance. Now, though, an increasing share of its potential customers were searching for service online. To grow its business, company ownership knew it was time to strengthen its digital marketing strategy.

Getting it right would be key. Generating increased service calls and maximizing return on marketing spend would require the right approach to SEO, organic and paid search, and social media strategy. This was expertise the firm didn’t have, so the client turned to the JRS Mar/Com team for help.

Problems to Solve

  • Increase service calls
  • Boost web traffic
  • Grow social media following
  • Strengthen social media engagement
  • Improve organic search
  • Optimize digital marketing spend

The Solution

The JRS Mar/Com team worked closely with the association’s Director of Brand Marketing to understand the membership audience and the organization’s offerings. We then immersed ourselves in the HR industry’s online thought leadership to build a powerful, relevant content strategy aligned to the association’s goals for increasing membership and conference attendance and driving higher social media engagement to underscore membership value. Regular, timely, relevant content on LinkedIn helped to elevate both the association and the annual conference to increase growth in revenue-generating memberships and registrations and build digital engagement.

Key Points

  • The campaign increased both web traffic and engagement, more than doubling sessions per user and boosting average time on page by 43%, representing strong performance.
  • Strong growth in social media followers, consistent posting cadence, and continued engagement yielded doubled rates of social referral traffic to company website.
  • Campaign optimization and increase in social referral and organic traffic enabled smarter spend, decreasing cost per click (CPC) from $2.39 to $2.19.
  • Search engine optimization increased referring domains by 30% and backlinks by 50%.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The JRS Mar/Com team strengthened our digital presence and expertly focused our paid campaigns, helping
us quickly drive increased traffic, engagement, and service calls.”