Using Social to Stake a Claim in Explosive E-Commerce Growth

How does a longtime leader in consumer packaged good (CPG) marketing harness the once-in-a-lifetime potential of an exploding e-commerce market? Seizing attention and driving conversion takes expert content marketing and a savvy social strategy in a tumultuous, fiercely competitive industry.

Company Profile

INDUSTRY:  Business intelligence software
SERVICE AREA: National, with 30+ years in business
INDUSTRY SPECIALTY:  e-Commerce and consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Key Outcomes



Growth in Web Traffic


New Visitors


Increase in LinkedIn Constituents

The Challenge

Thirty years ago, this technology firm pioneered the first-ever analytics solution for the consumer packaged goods (CBG) industry. As big data and business intelligence have gone from “nice to have” to essential for competitive edge, the firm launched a sophisticated new product to improve search results and easily drill into every aspect of e-analytics and product attributes for CPG and e-commerce brands.

In a world where retail was suddenly powered by e-commerce, the firm needed a strategy to seize attention, drive web and social traffic, and propel conversion. This client turned to the JRS Mar/Com team for help building a strategy to gain market advantage.

Problems to Solve

  • Develop and manage social media strategy
  • Boost web traffic
  • Grow social media following
  • Increase pre-qualified leads

The Solution

The JRS Mar/Com team initiated an audit to benchmark traffic and engagement prior to campaign launch. With a deep dive into the firm’s new product and exhaustive keyword research, we created new messaging for the website, developed a content calendar, and built an organic social strategy. We managed every aspect from copywriting to posting, scheduling, and reporting.

The campaign focused heavily on expert “thought leadership” content targeted to trending topics in the CPG and e-commerce industry. Promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the content proved to be highly shareable and effective in giving the firm a competitive edge in a sought-after market.


Key Points

  • The campaign resulted in more than 3,000 pageviews in the first month, with 96% of traffic from new visitors, driven by social growth and referral links.
  • Targeted, highly relevant content increased CTA conversion rate via button at the bottom of each article.
  • Expert content with strategic placement earned the client media interviews, including in Forbes, for additional industry and market exposure.

The Outcome

Our team of digital marketing experts created a powerful organic social campaign that delivered: 


Web traffic growth


increase in referring domains in
the first 6 months

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The JRS Mar/Com team supercharged our traffic and brought subject matter expertise that yielded spot-on, highly shareable content, which helped us build awareness, drive referrals, and increase our leads at a moment when business intelligence in retail is in the spotlight.”