Driving Annual Sales Growth 133% with Digital Marketing

How does a small business take control of its e-commerce strategy to accelerate its growth?  Success involved reinvigorating its brand, establishing a social media presence, and capturing more of the market with smart digital strategy.

Company Profile

INDUSTRY:  DTC e-commerce
SERVICE AREA:  National, with 20+ years in business

Key Outcomes


YoY Sales Growth


Growth in Web Traffic

Monthly Site Visits

The Challenge

Founded by an inventor passionate about the product, this small business had relied for 20 years on resellers — including, in recent years, the Amazon and eBay marketplaces. But sales were flat. New leadership was ready to take on the challenge of a different business model — direct to consumer (DTC). The pandemic acceleration of digital purchases presented the ideal moment with potentially significant upside.

Company leadership needed a strategy to drive every aspect of its digital marketing, from its brand to a new e-commerce site, social media strategy, content, and campaigns. The client turned to the JRS Mar/Com team to lead the way.

Problems to Solve

  • Establish digital marketing strategy
  • Develop a brand
  • Launch direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce site
  • Boost web traffic
  • Establish social media channels and grow following
  • Increase sales

The Solution

The JRS Mar/Com team started by understanding the businesses history, goals, and market. Through leadership interviews, keyword research, and competitor analysis, we developed a new, digital-first brand. We paired it with a new e-commerce enabled website and videos and built a social strategy to engage consumers. The team managed every aspect from copywriting and design to production and posting.

Key Points

  • The new website helped the company increase site visits to 1,800 monthly, growing web traffic by 141% year over year
  • The JRS Mar/Com team originated the company’s social media presence on five social channels
  • Over the first 6 months, social engagement grew to 307 Facebook followers and over 4,000 YouTube views
  • Campaign and social media engagement increased Amazon page visits and sales



YoY sales growth


Web traffic growth


Monthly site visits


YouTube views