We are excited to welcome our newest intern, Alexa Heitzman to our marketing team! Straight from the airport to our offices, we put Alexa right to work after returning from her study abroad in Leuven, Belgium. Alexa is a rising senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and has just completed her semester studying in Europe. Along with her classes taken and Belgian waffles ingested abroad, Alexa also was given the opportunity to work with a local nonprofit in Belgium where she was able to improve the social media and website of a bike exchange company. From her time abroad, Alexa was able to experience working with people from all over the world. Her biggest take away from working with clients from different backgrounds was being able to adjust the way she approached an assignment on the spot by making sure everyone felt heard and comfortable. 

In the past, Alexa has worked with various nonprofit groups to improve their presence online through completing social media audits and adjusting their media accordingly. Through working with nonprofits, Alexa learned the value of creating creative advertisements with a limited budget. Through these jobs, Alexa has obtained sponsors through communicating with corporations, created multiple social media campaigns, created cohesive websites, and created social media roadmaps for her clients to continue to follow the work she had started for them. All of the work she has put in for these groups have been reflective of where the nonprofits saw their organization moving towards in the future. Alexa has made sure that their goals were achieved through researching who the organizations should reach out to and the best way to do it. The thoughtful way that she approaches her clients is one of the reasons we knew she would be a great fit for JRS Mar/Com this summer. We at JRS Mar/Com know the value of knowing your consumer inside and out before creating an effective campaign for our clients and Alexa fits in perfectly with our company‚Äôs culture.  

Through her time at the University of Illinois, Alexa has been involved in clubs and extracurricular that have allowed her to explore her career interests as well as obtain leadership positions on campus. Through her time at her University, Alexa kicked off her interest in advertising through her involvement with the American Advertising Federation. She was able to work closely with a local student musician and launch his social media pages. Through the American Advertising Federation, Alexa developed an interest in digital marketing. After achieving her AdWords certification and exploring Statista and other informative advertising platforms, she joined HerCampus and became a social media leader. This club supports and gives opportunities to women in the advertising business. Through knowing who she wanted to target as a social media leader in HerCampus, Alexa learned to cater her posts effectively. Additionally, Alexa has worked closely with her sorority to improve communications between alumnus and current active members. Through these on-campus opportunities, Alexa has been able to practice and maintain her professionalism year round. This summer, Alexa is most excited to be working with our array of clients. Being able to work on different things for different clients each day is one of the things that attracted Alexa to the advertising field in the first place. Giving our interns the opportunity to work first hand with our clients in one of the things that JRS Mar/Com prides ourselves in. We are so excited to see what Alexa can do and ecstatic to have her on our team. Welcome, Alexa!