Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making sure those looking for your product or service can find your business using one of the major search engines. The most powerful search engine is of course, Google.

We work with your business to implement a search strategy based on data. With keyword research and data, we can consistently measure the progress of our approach. Our reporting indicates whether progress is being made towards our goals or if alternative strategies should be considered.

SEO Campaigns

With each SEO Campaign, we research keywords to determine opportunities that prospects are actually searching for. How customers are searching for your product/service.

  • Optimize Pages Based on Keyword Phrases
  • Setup Google My Business Pages
  • Create Optimized Press Releases
  • Distribute Press Releases
  • Create and Manage Directory Listings
  • Rank Reporting for selected Keyword Phrases

The artistry of crafting a search engine optimization campaign is increasingly conducted scientifically. Research on industry competitors allows for targeted strategies to be crafted in areas of opportunity.  Accurate monthly keyword traffic can be pulled using Google Analytics, sharable content can be researched, and accurate rank reports providing snapshots of progress.

SEO Results

The combination of a well crafted website, integrated social media marketing, and a targeted search engine strategy can significantly increase the value of traffic being driven to your site. With each slot gained towards a first page ranking, the likelihood of turning your website into a lead generating and capture tool becomes greater.

#BeSeen & #BeHeard


ALL SEO Engagements Require a one-time startup fee of $1,000.00. With over 200 Ranking Factors, every engagement requires a custom strategy, however, your process may include the following:

Keyword Research - Competitor Analysis - Homepage On-Site SEO - Google+ Business Page Setup - Google Webmaster Tools Setup - Google Places Setup & Optimization - Google Alerts Setup - Monthly Keyword, Search Rank & Backlinks Reports

Email Marketing

Development of a mutually agreed upon editorial calendar and distribution time table through working with the client and selecting timely, relevant articles. Articles are between 400-600 words. All content is researched, written, revised, and developed into the final distribution template with client branding. All photographs, graphic design and content generation are included. Articles are $450.00 each and include development, distribution, and reporting.

We're working throughout the Stay-at-Home order. We can help with Crisis Communication, Social Messaging, Video Production & More.

If you're still working and struggling with what you can do to grow your business through the current shelter in place order, let's discuss!