Think about your business for a minute. Now picture your ideal customer. How did they find out about you? If they’ve been a customer for a while you may not have an answer to this, but how do your new clients find you? Do you advertise in local papers? How about direct mail campaigns? What if I told you there was a free form of advertising where you get to control the messaging and can talk about any of your products or services. What if I told you all of the traffic to your social pages helps with search ranking.

Social Media Content Marketing has been a growing factor in large businesses across industry. No business seems too personal or too mundane to have their own active presence highlighting employee news, recent product developments and/or whatever strikes their fancy. Some of this information is useful in making product decisions, others providing personal insight into the folks you’ll be working with. This is a great way to get additional mileage out of your press releases, hiring announcements, job listings, etc…

Posting content to your website and then sharing it across Social Media platforms allows for additional exposure to clients who may not be familiar with your product or service. Think of it as adding another resource to your media list. If people connect with the content, they visit your site and become aware of your business.

If you’re still thinking about how an ‘ideal’ customer finds your business, start thinking about a tablet or mobile phone. With data to reinforce decision

How do people digest content?

How do people digest content?

making, more and more search traffic is coming from mobile and tablet use. Right this instant your ideal customer is searching for businesses just like yours (ahh, the mythical keyword) and then only looking at the top 3-5 choices. Your business may never get presented to them as an option to consider. Engaging existing customers on social media is such an important way for your business to educate people on all your benefits, all while assisting in Search Engine Optimization.

Frequent, relevant content is the way to capture and maintain an audience. If you need help developing a Content Strategy, contact JRS Mar/Com.

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