Small Businesses Doing Big Things: Robinette Demolition, Inc.

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January 8, 2021
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February 5, 2021

dem•o•li•tion dĕm″ə-lĭsh′ən

  • n. The act or process of wrecking or destroying, especially destruction by explosives.
  • n. Explosives, especially when designed or used as weapons.
  • n. The act of overthrowing, pulling down, or destroying, as a structure; hence, destruction or ruin in general: as, the demolition of a house or of military works; the demolition of a theory.

Here at JRS Mar/Com, we definitely don’t wield wrecking balls when we start working with new clients. In general, we prefer upgrade and migration to demolition. 

But sometimes building the right site requires starting from a new foundation. 

This was the case with Robinette Demolition, Inc., a family-owned Chicago-area demolition firm with a growing emergency response division. Robinette has been making way for opportunities since 1974, and it was certainly time for a website worthy of the company’s experience. Its existing site was text-heavy, hard to navigate, and presented divisions and services that were no longer offered while overlooking others. We determined that a content audit, copy development and image updates were necessary along with an updated design.

With any business, there are competing priorities and dynamic operating environments that must be balanced in creating a new site, from the site map to the copywriting. Over the last 45 years, Robinette had expanded from a small firm focused only on demolition services to a thriving multi-division business. Today it offers interior demolition and total demolition as well as emergency response, evidence collection, and one of the area’s only fire training centers. The new site map needed to present its full service offering along with required safety and insurance information, a gallery of completed projects, and contact options including form fills, phone and email. 

With a second generation of family leadership ready to steward Robinette into a new chapter, the goal was to present the firm as an experienced vendor, especially against growing competition. After interviewing senior staff for each division, reviewing past projects and testimonials, and painstakingly researching the firm’s biggest competitors, we found a new way to tell its 46-year success story. 

The new site is mobile-friendly, fresh, and easy to navigate. Each service is presented holistically on the home page as well as separately in detail on its own service page. Email, phone, and contact forms make it easier to connect with the team for a quote or when a client needs emergency response. We hope you enjoy checking out Robinette Demolition’s new site and hearing about another Small Business Doing Big Things. 

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