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Small Businesses Doing Big Things: Robert Segal Gallery
August 20, 2021
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September 22, 2021

Unless you work in supply chain management, you probably went about life without thinking too much about how things get where they need to be—until you couldn’t find toilet paper in March 2020.

Then supply chain news was everywhere, in shortages of personal protective equipment and baker’s yeast, in meat, microchip processors, lumber, window glass and much, much more.

Supply chains keep the world’s goods moving on time. Based in Chicago, LIWMI Logistics helps large and medium-sized global companies with freight shipping and global supply chain management services that get products where they need to be. In a world suddenly focused on supply chains, there was an opportunity for LIWMI Logistics to stake its claim with a fresh website, About video, and marketing materials.

The video wasn’t only for potential clients, though. It was also a way to make sure that LIWMI’s culture and mission were apparent for new hires, too, as the company grows.

LIWMI Logistics turned to JRS Mar/Com for help with all three challenges.

How did we do it?

As with every website design project, we needed to understand LIWMI Logistics’ business, challenges, clientele, and mission, as well as what leadership saw as the big, wild vision for the firm. Every engagement with the JRS Mar/Com team includes a deep dive into these areas with our marketing experts. Through interviews and meetings, we could understand how LIWMI Logistics lived its tagline, Moving the World Forward.

After learning more about the business, we outlined a new site map for a clean, crisp website presentation. We wrote copy and reviewed it with the LIWMI Logistics team, paying special attention to the mid- and upper-market customer base that the firm wanted to appeal to. We also scripted an About video that would capture the essence of the company. Through art direction, company imagery, B-roll clips, and company messaging, we created an upbeat, forward-looking video that would make anyone excited to call on or work for LIWMI Logistics.

Our team also developed new marketing materials to drive LIWMI sales. These included a brochure and folder incorporating the website’s look and feel, so all materials have consistent branding. We also created powerful PowerPoint intro slides that can be used for any presentation, as well as four slide templates based on LIWMI’s four core service offerings of TL, LTL, intermodal and expedited. Finally, our team designed social media headers for all platforms for a fresh look in sync with the new website.

Now, LIWMI Logistics is ready to move its business forward with a sleek, polished video, web presence, and marketing materials to attract new talent—and new business. Visit LIWMI Logistics’ new site here and find its brand-new video on the About page.

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