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As a lifetime fitness fanatic, I’d thought I’d seen and tried it all. Yoga, check. Pyramid weight training, check. CrossFit, check. Adventure racing, check. Indoor rowing, check. Triathlons, check. Olympic lifting, check.

When I started working with Michelle Keelan of Abstract PT and Cryotherapy, I assumed her business was another gym trying to build awareness about personal training and group fitness classes. Michelle had undertaken a rebrand effort (including a name change from NWI Cryotherapy & Fitness). The firm had also recently invested in whole body cryotherapy equipment—which sounded cold! Their archived (previous) website certainly said…brr.

In addition to a new brand and site, Abstract PT and Cryotherapy needed to fix numerous website dead ends. What’s a dead end? It’s what happens when a customer clicks through to your website, eager to learn more, and ends up on a dead-end page with no way to take action…can’t buy, can’t schedule, can’t ask a question or request help (related: here are four ways to find out if your website is serving your brand…or serving up infuriating dead ends).

New Look
Previous NWI Site

Understanding the business

After a few interviews, the JRS Mar/Com team had an understanding of the business’s goals and could create a site map that served them. We started with a home page that prominently displayed four services:

  • Personal Training
  • Cryotherapy
  • Normatec
  • Massage

Visitors and clients could now navigate the site more easily, either using a visual navigation square or the home tab navigation at the top of each page. Each service page clearly indicates the services offered with pricing information and an option to learn more, schedule and have FAQs answered. No more dead ends!

Many consumers are now looking for information online first, even for local businesses—before ever scheduling or coming in (in these digital, distanced times, this is perhaps even more true, especially as the push to “buy local” intensifies). Abstract PT and Cryotherapy’s blog provided a wealth of information on training tips, medical research and detailed articles on whole body cryotherapy and Normatec compression boots. We were able to analyze which pieces were performing well and migrate them to the new site.

The rebrand from Northwest Indiana Cryotherapy to Abstract PT and Cryo required a domain redirect so that former clients could still find them.

Seeing what it’s all about

Having never heard of whole body cryotherapy, of course I had to give it a shot. Michelle and her team host monthly events that promote their small business partners. The first time I attended their monthly Yoga, Cryotherapy and Normatec event, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After a full session of yoga, I was relaxed and feeling good. Then I jumped in the line to try cryotherapy. I wasn’t sure I’d have the guts to try it if I saw people coming out of the booth shivering; in reality, I’d seen some online videos and was quite terrified. Starting out at the warmest setting…-180 degrees, I got in and stood for the three-minute session. With Michelle talking me through it, I was two minutes in before I knew it. In motion while wearing the gloves and slippers provided to all participants, I was done in no time. The pain in my lower back was gone, and I felt like I was gliding through the rest of the evening (the effects lasted about 36 hours). This was before I’d even gotten into the Normatec boots. I enjoyed sipping a drink as I lay in the reclining chair for a 15-minute leg massage by the Normatec compression boots. 

I’ve since attended two of these events and will continue to do so as long as they host them. Check out the site and let us know your thoughts. When you’re done, sign up for a massage or personal training session.

Michelle and her team know their stuff. We’re happy to continue learning new things as we help Small Business Doing Big Things!

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