Should You Focus on Managing Your Website or Your Business?

Marketing Your Business in a Digital World
September 3, 2019
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September 13, 2019

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Spend less time on marketing management in your small business. All of us start each day with the same number of minutes: 1,440. How we spend them determines how effectively we handle our priorities and advance our goals – in life and in business. 


When you’re running a business, sometimes it seems that there are simply not enough minutes. On a typical day, you’re juggling customer needs, staff issues, your marketing efforts, inventory levels, sales activities, events, and much, much more. Updating your website always seems to fall to the bottom of the list. There never seems to be enough time. 

We get it. Updates can be a pain. Struggling with the content management system can eat up valuable time. Tracking down your vendor can be frustrating.

And yet, we don’t have to tell you that your website is your most valuable marketing tool – you know that already. It’s the digital shingle you hang out to bring in new business, and it’s what your current customers use when referring you. That means you need to keep it current and continually updated.  

Managing your website isn’t the reason you go to work each day, though. Managing your business is. When you turn over your site management to a trusted partner, you gain back more of those 1,440 minutes. You can put them to work nurturing new leads, serving existing customers, or doing anything else that helps your business grow. You can focus on why you started your business in the first place. 

That’s why we offer Managed WordPress Hosting Packages. For a small investment, you know your site will be updated. For example: 

  • Copy or calendar updates? Send them to us. 
  • Want to refresh your site with a new image? We’ll do it. 
  • Have a blog ready to post? We’ve got it.  
  • Did you hire a new staff member? We’ll add the bio and photo. 
  • No more wrestling with coding or your content management system. We’ll handle it. 

In addition to content updates, our hosting and maintenance plans include free daily backups and one-click restore, free 24/7 support, WordPress core software and security updates, monthly WordPress and plugin updates, website performance monitoring, and SSL Certificates with SHA2 & 2048-bit encryption. 

We also offer content strategy and writing services to give you frequent, timely, relevant content, which boosts your Google rankings and increases leads and awareness. 

Ready to focus more time and energy on doing what you do best? We’re ready to support you. 

Learn more about our services and monthly hosting and maintenance plans or reach out to start the conversation. 

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