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December 4, 2017
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May 1, 2018

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Print Services For Your Business


“The reports that Print is dead have been greatly exaggerated.”

To paraphrase the quote from Mark Twain, “The reports that Print is dead have been greatly exaggerated.” There are so many occasions when there’s no better way to get your message across than in black and white—or full color if the situation requires it (and when isn’t it better to express something in full color?). JRS Mar/Com offers a full range of design & print services for materials of all shapes, sizes, and substrates.

From the business cards in your pocket to the billboards above your head and everything in between, let us put together a cohesive design program so that all of your materials have the same look and feel. By working with us, you can be assured that your branding will be consistent, eye-catching, and—most importantly—effective.

Here are just some of the design & print services we offer:

Office Materials

Business Cards

In our digital, social media world, the business card is still the indispensable piece required for person-to-person networking. Fortunately, there are thousands of ways to make business cards stand out from the dreary old standard formats. There are plenty of cardstocks, shapes, foils, and textures to consider—none of which have to be cost-prohibitive. Printing short runs with microsites and QR codes can also be effective for getting the word out about events and time-sensitive promotions.


Nothing can replace the look and feel of pre-printed letterhead. It demands attention, plain and simple. It says, “We are professionals who value quality and attention to detail, not cheap or fly-by-night.” It says that you take yourself and your company seriously.


This is such an overlooked opportunity to brand nearly anything! With a sticker that is thoughtfully-considered, stickers can be used on everything from binders and folders to accessories and apparel. Construction companies use stickers on hard hats all the time. IT companies love to hand out stickers for brand loyalists to put on their laptops. When designing a sticker, you need to give a lot of thought to how and where it could be used so that it has the durability and flexibility to function in the intended uses for the duration you desire.

Presentation Folders & Tiered Sales Sheets

Take your collateral to the next level! Put all of your materials together in a neat, attractive package with a folder that is customized for your specific needs. Usually, off-the-shelf folders just don’t have the same effect as ones that are built to your specifications. There are many options, such as expandable pleats, cut-outs for CDs or business cards, straps for flash drives, and more. Also, custom-printed pull sheets cut to waterfall have a stunning impact. Folders and tiered sales sheets convey a highly professional look and feel that makes it more likely for your collateral be saved by those who receive them and shared with others.

Sharable Collateral


Postcards can be an effective way to reinforce and ensure it’s received and remembered.


When a message is expressed in a targeted, relevant, yet creative way, postcards can be an effective way to reinforce and ensure it’s received and remembered. People like to have something tangible to put on bulletin boards, in calendars, or even in their cars to use as reminders. Let us create a card that will be read, saved, and referred to again and again.

Flyers & Brochures

What better way is there to stay top-of-mind than to have a well-organized, succinct, and usable marketing piece that takes up residence at your prospect’s or client’s place of business? With thoughtful design, your tri-fold or glossy pull sheet can be a ready desk reference or a piece to pass along to someone else in need of your product or service.

Programs & Booklets

When your content can’t fit into a single sheet but doesn’t justify a full-fledged bound book, a saddle-stitched or spiral-bound program or brochure can be exactly what you need. The layout of programs and brochures needs to follow prescribed formats that readers expect. We’ll work together to make sure that everything is placed where it belongs for maximum readability and usability.


Display Media


When it comes to signage, there are few standards. The large format makes nearly anything possible. This is a great opportunity to truly express the company brand and message, but it also takes great consideration to do it well. Whether the signage is meant for indoor or outdoor use, whether it will be permanently installed or frequently transported from place to place, we have the expertise to recommend the right design, substrate, and display solutions for every need.


Banners are easy to transport and install, making them ideal for everything from trade show backdrops to event-specific advertising. A wide variety of materials, hanging options, and reinforcing measures can be used to ensure the proper amount of durability for the specific conditions in which the banners will be used.

Stand-Up Retractables


Stand-up retractable signage is portable, durable, and professional-looking

Ideal for retail area, event, and trade show displays, stand-up retractable signage is portable, durable, and very professional-looking in any situation. Telescopic stands allow displays to stand alone with ease, and the cases are lightweight yet strong. The hardware can be traded out to include new signage as the occasion requires, as well.

Window, Wall & Floor Graphics

Let’s get creative! If you have a nonporous surface, like metal, glass, tile, or even painted drywall, you have an area where temporary or permanent graphics can be installed. Consider environmental graphics to catch the attention of shoppers and commuters walking to their destinations. Create a bold display behind a reception area. Use your vehicle fleet as a captive advertising opportunity on the road. The possibilities are endless.

Contact JRS Mar/Com Today

Whatever your needs for print materials may be, talk with us about your ideas. We’ll make sure that they’re executed in a way that’s consistent with your brand yet highly creative and effective, too! Put us to work on the design & print of your next piece of collateral today. Our design & print services will represent well for today’s trends while keeping an eye on the future.

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