Turn Website Traffic Into Revenue

If you’re a business owner, you constantly seek what’s next. Next appointment, next hire, next problem to address. It’s a blessing as much as a curse, you just can’t stop thinking about your business. When is the last time you thought about how you manage expenses? Primarily your web presence. Your hosting, domain registration and content management system are all expenses. How is your website performing in relation to the revenue its producing? Are you even monitoring its performance?

With all the tools available to #SMB’s (Small and Medium Business Owners), there is a severe case of information overload. What do all the numbers mean? How are they tied to our strategy? What is our strategy?

You’re not alone if you weren’t able to answer these questions. Many clients we work with started their business before Digital Marketing Strategy was prevalent. A ‘handshake and a smile’ were enough to get an appointment, the agile thinking of the sales staff was how you presented information to potential clients. Through hard work and sheer volume, it worked. Often, it worked incredibly well.

Keep Networking

We don’t advocate for stopping the face to face networking, if you follow us on social media (facebook, @twitter, google+, LinkedIn) you are aware that we are well networked throughout many communities. We advocate shifting a portion of your budget towards digital marketing strategy. If we can look back on the year and say that 5% of your annual sales growth was attributed to online marketing, would that be worth an investment.

Hand Holding Money in a Computer MonitorThe bottom line is More Clicks = More Revenue for a majority of businesses. Just like your brick and mortar shop wasn’t flooded with clients on the day you opened, your website needs to be actively promoted.

We make sure your website is optimized to convert the increase in traffic (think contact forms and phone calls), then we go about crafting a content strategy to share what makes your business special on social media. We create a Project Strategy Map incorporating keyword research, goal setting, measurables, and editorial calendar. We manage social media for our clients from concept generation thru execution and reporting. All the while, we are building, editing and maintaining your site with best practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so potential clients can find you on Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

JRS Mar/Com is a Digital Marketing Agency started in 2008. We help businesses #BeSeen & #BeHeard using websites to welcome and convert traffic, Social Media presence to engage clients and SEO that ensures they can be found. We work with closely held, small and mid-size businesses throughout the Chicago suburbs. Call us to discuss your business (312-339-9359), the ideas are free and coffee is on me.