By now, you’ve probably heard that Google is rolling out a new update to their code on April 21st. If not, let me tell you one of the major factors that will impact your business website. With its recent rollout, Google will be providing incentive by way of search ranking for sites that are ‘mobile-friendly.’ If you haven’t been paying much attention to your web presence, chances are your site is not ‘mobile friendly’ or responsive. A responsive site will present favorably across device, meaning you will still be able to read it clearly on a PC, Tablet, and Mobile Phone.

Over the last few years, with the growing number of people who have their heads buried in their phones while working, driving, playing with their kids at the park, etc… Google has taken notice. More people are on their mobiles for search, purchase, and entertainment than ever before. Across the globe, the mobile phone adoption rate is skyrocketing. More people are treating their cell phones and tablets like traditional PC’s. This rapid shift makes outdated sites hard to read and navigate, don’t be left in the search dust.

Now, back to how Google, responsive sites, and those paying attention to their phones can all work against you if your site isn’t responsive. The planned release of this update has been hinted at taking place over time, not all at once. Either way, your site will be impacted if it isn’t responsive. Whether you are updating your site regularly or just using it as a legitimizing presence, the time is now to allocate resources to upgrade.

Luckily, with the advent of new web design tools like WordPress, updating your site to a mobile responsive template isn’t a problem. Use this opportunity to schedule a full review of all your marketing initiatives. Make plans for the next budget cycle to upgrade before locating your business online becomes a challenge for all but your most ardent customers.

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