Marketing your small business can be a challenge. After all, we’re the drivers of the economy and employ more than half the nation’s private workforce. Marketing your small business is a full-time job, along with keeping the books, managing operations and human resource management. Small business marketing doesn’t have to be so challenging.

Did you know? There are 5.6 million registered employer firms in the US that count as small businesses—meaning they employ 500 or fewer workers. Of those:

  • 89% have fewer than 20 staff members
  • Firms with 20 or fewer staff created 1.1 million jobs (2015)
  • They contribute 46% of the private, non-farm-related annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

These stats tell us that American business is overwhelmingly small business, and that—collectively—small businesses play a vital role in the economic health and growth of our country (all stats are from the US Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs).

Not only does small business drive the national economy, it also drives the local economy. When you spend money with a local business, 48% of your purchase goes back into the local economy. When you spend with a chain, only 14% does—less than a third as much. It’s easy to see how buying and spending local has a direct economic effect on your community. This is called the multiplier effect, and when those dollars are spent again locally, the cycle continues.

What does all this mean when it comes to JRS Mar/Com? It means that, as a small business, we’re already in the small business owner’s corner. We love nothing more than helping other small business owners win mindshare and new customers. We love it when we’re able to generate increased sales and create brand awareness for client products and services. As a small business, we know firsthand what good marketing, top-notch work, and excellent support really means to the vitality of a business.

Every day, our focus on helping the small business owner looks like this:

  1. Networking to grow our contacts, connections, and knowledge. Yes, we get around town—because we like to, and because it’s important for you. Because digital marketing is ever-evolving, we network with other agency owners to keep our pulse on the latest. We are also members of multiple area chambers of commerce and volunteer as members of area nonprofits and professional associations—because community is important.
  2. Helping you get heard and seen, so your business can grow. Digital marketing is a complex art/science, and unless you’re focusing on it full-time, it can be hard to reap the benefits. From generating high-quality, timely, relevant content to driving more qualified leads into your sales funnel, we make sure you’re visible where and when your customers are looking.
  3. Being fair to the client. Ask any of our area clients, and we’re betting you’ll hear that we’re good listeners who bring valuable solutions, a sterling work ethic, and responsiveness to every engagement.
  4. Pricing our services to keep the lights on—yours. Yes, growth requires investment. Marketing isn’t free. But small businesses deserve to win. Our price points are fair, our engagements are numbers- and goal-driven, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your marketing is being done right is worth the investment you’re making. 

From Managed WordPress Hosting Packages to content strategy, writing services, emails, social, and more, we’re here to help you market your small business with good work that builds awareness.

Ready to focus more time and energy on doing what you do best—and let someone else handle the marketing? We’d love to help.  

Learn more about our small business marketing services and monthly hosting and maintenance plans or reach out to start the conversation.