Convenience wears the crown – with billions of products available at the push of a button, how does your business compete in e-Commerce? Professional services, retail, wellness, and more industries are all being bought, sold, and delivered online with more frequency than ever. Are you providing a smooth experience for your customers and clients online? Are you Making It Easy?

More and more people are doing all their online shopping from a mobile smartphone. With more competitive information available than ever before, consumers are better educated on the numerous providers available. Finding, building, and maintaining online client relationships is now a necessity. If your online experience does not make it easy for them, they will shop elsewhere.

Small businesses are the driver of the American economy. More than half of the jobs created between 1995 and 2020 were created by small businesses. Small businesses have agility their enterprise competitors can only dream of. This makes them more adaptable in times of economic uncertainty. I’d say this qualifies.

There were over 5 million businesses started in the wake of the pandemic. It’s easier than ever to start a legitimate business, and the tools available make it easier than ever to start marketing your online business with digital. You’re now able to measure increases in engagement and web traffic and identify which source of traffic creates the highest engagement on your site. You can even stay in front of prospects who’ve visited your site or searched for similar businesses.

This presentation covers How we Make It Easy, including:

  • Websites designed and developed with conversion action in mind (call, form fill, purchase, schedule, etc…)
  • Crafting a consistent marketing message (what do you want from them, why is it important to them, how will you solve their problem, stories from other happy customers)
  • Omnichannel communications planning (web, e-notice, paid and organic social, print, in-person) Are you securing ways to communicate further with your clients?
  • Measurement and Analytics (what are your best referral sources and where should you allocate more of your budget)
With a cohesive e-Commerce marketing strategy, a well designed website, and traffic generating activities including paid ads and organic social media, you can Make It Easy for your customers to find and buy from you online.