If you’re like us, you don’t know what happened to 2023, you woke up on Monday and poof… we were half way through November.

Hopefully, like us, you were busy and productive throughout the past year, even if it is mostly a blur. The team here at JRS Mar/Com continues to grow, we have added a new Social Media Manager (Fran) as well as a new Marketing and Communications Associate (Kristin). Our tried and tested team of existing professionals including Sarah, Cali, Beth and Jara have remained with us, delivering more results driven campaigns for our clients.

As we look to the New Year, we are excited to accelerate things even more. We look to launch an aggressive sales campaign in the New Year as well as continue our online seminars on the components of a successful marketing endeavor. Past seminars have included:

Online Community Building: SEO

Why Video: Why Now?

Paid Advertising: Waste or Win?

Marketing Team of One

In looking back, 2023 was a year of finding ourselves and we’re pleased to say we have indeed found ourself. In defining what we will look like in the coming year and beyond, we realized who we are a good fit to serve. Growing businesses across industry who don’t know who, or don’t know what to hire for their marketing needs. For the cost of a Junior Level Marketing Associate, our clients get a team of experienced professionals. We track progress towards goals outlined in strategy meetings at the commencement of all projects. We report and revise campaigns as necessary, always keeping our clients informed along the way.

Included in our pricing structure is a Director to steer strategy, an Account Manager to make sure tasks are getting done, and the Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Video Editor and Paid Ads Specialist necessary to round out a successful team.

As we’ve rolled out our new website to better communicate who we are targeting, we also improved our in-house management with the adoption of a Project Management Software to coordinate all projects.

We feel that we’re primed for growth and remain thankful to the family, friends, associates, team members and clients who’ve gotten us here. As we approach the Holiday season, we’re optimistic to remain focused on what matters and are excited for what the New Year holds!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, but most importantly, THANK YOU!