Many people understand the importance of producing an electronic newsletter as one component of a comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan. Publishing on a regularly scheduled interval gives readers the expectation of value delivered on a reliable timetable. But What’dya Say? (translation “What do you say?”)

A newsletter can be used as a Sales Qualification Tool, Traffic Generator, Promotional Tool, and Client Engagement Device. Having a forum to regularly remind your existing client database of the products and services you offer is one reward for diligently managing your contact list. What you send to them must be valuable.

Whether it is internal staff advancement, product specific promotion, event announcement or to notify them of a new social media page, the clients most important question must be answered. That question is, “What’s in it for me?”

E-Newsletters are measurable and actionable.

E-newsletters are an effective way to get your message across.

The electronic newsletter offers significant advantage over printed newsletters. The primary advantage is electronic newsletters are a measurable form of Digital Marketing with complete reporting. That reporting includes information on: Sends, Opens, Links, Device, and more. If social media sharing is of importance, you can now track who distributes your e-newsletter across Twitter and Facebook.

Unlike a newspaper ad, print newsletter or direct mailer, you get the data that comes with knowing who is reading your content. Sales professionals can target follow up calls to those who click on targeted content related to the industry.

Other key components of a digital marketing plan include a well designed website, frequently updated blog, regular posts across social media, and search engine optimization based on attainable industry keywords. I often stress the importance of being at the, ‘top of mind’ of clients. But remember, being ‘top of mind’ at all times is unlikely except for your most ardent supporters. You have to be ‘top of mind’ when someone brings up your industry. Staying in front of existing and prospective clients is a powerful way to make sure you get a phone call and/or referral when your industry comes up.

I have heard that retaining an existing client can cost a fraction of acquiring a new one. The ratio I have always heard is 7 to 1, $7.00 spent to acquire each new client and only $1.00 spent to retain existing clients. Stay in front of your clients with monthly emails, quarterly newsletters, and more. Powerful tools that increase the reach of your marketing efforts when paired with other components of a complete digital Marketing Plan. Be Seen & Be Heard with JRS Mar/Com.