Businesses survived for decades without digital marketing. Some companies founded well over a century ago are still here, still thriving, and they didn’t get off the ground using social media and SEO, that’s for sure. So, if business could grow and thrive then without online marketing, is it really so important now?

The short answer: Yes. You do need online marketing for business growth.


The long answer: All those businesses that were founded and flourished decades—and even centuries—ago did what it took to survive. That meant being ready to pivot when necessary and adopting new technology as it became available. The very reason for their success is the same reason you must consider digital marketing a crucial part of your business today.


Yes, You Need Search Engine Optimization and Paid Ads
In the past, businesses had to use outbound strategies to reach potential buyers. Traditional marketing like print advertisements, door-to-door sales, cold calling — are, for the most part, considered relics now. They can still play role in the marketing funnel, but it’s more of a supporting role.

For example, our event marketing campaign can look like this:

  1. A potential customer spots your Ad on the side banner of a website they’re scrolling and         expresses interest by hovering over it for 3 seconds
  2. We then retarget them with a series of video ads on social media
  3. Those who interact with your social video receive a printed postcard Ad as our final call-to-action

Warming up your leads by staying top of mind, before sending them printed material, significantly increases the chances of conversion and gets the most out of your efforts.

Powerful marketing involves inbound strategies that help buyers find your business when they’re considering a purchase. This practice involves search engine optimization, so that your company’s website will show up in search engine results when someone seeks out products or services you sell. Google and other search engines drive 68% of all online traffic. Your competitors are doing this, so yes, you should, too.


Yes, You Need Content Marketing
Online marketing gives you the opportunity to reach a much wider audience in a much shorter period of time. You can’t do that without content marketing. Your content is the only way potential buyers can learn about your business. In the past, content was shared in the form of print, television, and radio ads. Now, people expect to have all their questions answered before making a purchase. Your blogs, social media posts, and webpage content fill that role.


Yes, You Need Social Media Marketing
Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Instead of chatting over tea or in the supermarket aisle, people now share their opinions on social media. More than 5 billion people worldwide are on at least one social media platform, with the average person engaging with more than 6 different platforms each month.

In addition to organic social posts, some social media ads may also help give your brand a boost in recognition. Paid ads give you the opportunity to get your products and services in front of new buyers, just as magazine and newspaper ads worked in the past. The more buyers see your brand, the more likely they are to remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase.


Whether you’re just now exploring the possibilities available with online marketing or you’re concerned your current digital marketing activities aren’t moving the needle enough for you, we can help. A solid online marketing strategy makes all the difference. Instead of cobbling together bits and pieces of online marketing tasks and hoping for the best, we can help you create a powerful, cohesive plan that will finally give you a return on your investment.

If you have questions along the way or would like to interview us as a possible solution to your current needs, schedule a call or get started with our questionnaire. Our services include SEO Marketing, Sales-Ready Websites, Expert Paid Campaigns, and High-Impact Video Marketing.

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