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January 22, 2019
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February 15, 2019
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hiking feet mountain peak rock enjoy the view

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JRS Mar/Com is excited to announce Tim Reed as one of the company’s newest Digital Marketing employees. Tim will be starting as a part-time Social Media Manager. He will be responsible for implementing research, strategy, and posting on multiple social platforms as well as web design and PPC management for our clients. 

Tim studied Marketing at Northern Illinois University and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 2016. Since then, he has acquired a wide range of skills in the digital marketing space. In August 2016, Tim worked at a non-profit called Triple Threat Mentoring where he was able to get hands-on experience running PPC campaigns designed to recruit more volunteers for the organization. He also took part in a social media team at Triple Threat by engaging his audience with creative content. After working full-time at Triple Threat Mentoring, Tim transitioned into a freelance role to continue running PPC campaigns for the company.   

In 2018, Tim was able to further his career by interning with Ruben Digital. This position provided him with additional knowledge on how to effectively run social media accounts for multiple clients. He was also able to quickly learn how to add SEO text for webpages and format each page based on the client’s needs. 

In his free time, Tim enjoys being with his friends and playing video games to relax. He has grown up on playing Nintendo games and still enjoys them to this day.  His favorite genres are platformers and RPGs such as Mario and Zelda. Tim also enjoys going outside when the weather is nice to get some exercise and reflect on his life. 

Tim is very excited to join the JRS Marketing Communications team in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We are looking forward to seeing his passion for the digital marketing space grow as he continues to learn more about the industry and work with our clients.

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