JRS Mar/Com is pleased to be featured in Marketing Sherpa’s newsletter and on their website.

For over 50 years, Allied Air Conditioning and Heating has served the northwest Chicago suburbs with service and installation. This family-owned firm had grown its service offering and footprint, but with customers increasingly turning to digital for everything from dishwasher detergent to HVAC service, company leadership realized that social media had become a must-have. In a competitive space with significant seasonal fluctuations in the demand curve—and, by extension, campaign costs—developing the right strategy would require digital marketing expertise.

With JRS Mar/Com’s digital marketing expertise, the company focused on creating and executing a social media and content strategy to engage customers, build website traffic, and drive increased service calls while maximizing its marketing investment. The team started by benchmarking baseline website traffic and social media engagement before starting the campaign. Next was thorough research into keywords and the seasonal demand curve—heating service in winter months, when temperatures plummet to their lowest all year, and air conditioning service in hotter months, when summer temperatures soar. These fluctuations drive spikes in pay-per-click using Google, creating a higher-price, lower-value expense.

Next was developing a social strategy to increase traffic and engagement through both paid and organic posts on the top referring channels of Facebook and Yelp. The paid portion of the campaign featured videos and other targeted content to drive people to “like” the company’s page or visit dedicated landing pages on its site. These landing pages included contact information capture and calls to action to schedule service. This strategy helped to increase the number of pre-qualified leads and accelerate conversion.

On the organic side, frequent Facebook posts engaged new and existing social followers to extend reach and boost awareness, especially during times of peak demand in winter and summer.

Strategic digital marketing expertise helped the business seize several opportunities for its marketing. First, expertise in pay-per-click trends and campaign budgeting helped to manage the demand curve by anticipating spikes in PPC costs before they happened. As a result, the company decreased spend during peak temperature swings and increased spend if temperatures delayed typical installation and service schedules. Second, identifying overlaps in the business service areas help to reap efficiencies on spending in social campaigns for these geographies. Third, modernizing the existing referral program helped to cut down on cost per lead, ultimately reducing it by over 90%. With 312% growth in social referrals, a 110% increase in web volume, and an average monthly increase in service calls, the overhaul of the firm’s approach to social media and paid campaign strategy was a success.

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