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Summer Intern Hired
June 22, 2018
Summer Intern Hired
July 11, 2018

digital-marketing-strategyWhen I first met the team at Catering With Elegance, the meeting was harried to say the least. With obligations for a major event and the hustle of day to day business, a discussion around consolidating multiple brands, business units, and profit centers was far from the focus. After numerous discussions on the value of a consolidated brand, we moved forward with a plan for creating clarity around the Catering With Elegance Brand as well as their multiple service lines.

Subsequent meetings turned out to be much less harried and focused on consolidating the catering, banquets, and party hosting into three distinct lines of business for communications sake. The location based Medinah Shrine Center in Addison and Bloomingdale Golf Club, as well as the off site party and catering business featuring Grandpa’s Grille BBQ sauce.

Having multiple business units without a dedicated strategy was inhibiting future growth as none of the units were able to successfully communicate their strategy. Even worse, an internet search for the different brands didn’t translate into brand recognition for any of the brands. A significant amount of business was being referred in by word of mouth as well as wedding shows and advertisements placed in Wedding & Events publications. This was recognized correctly as being unsustainable in today’s digital, mobile search based economy.

Working between busy seasons presented challenges of documenting the stopping points and quickly picking up right where we left off upon resuming the project. Understandably, there were multiple busy seasons including golf outing season, holiday catering season, and wedding season. Seamlessly starting and stopping the project kept all parties focused on the goal of communicating the services offered across location and event specific paths.

award-winning-websites-chicagoWith the launch of the newly developed and redesigned website, Catering With Elegance now has a branded presence in line with the premiere service they offer clients. The site was built to quickly steer visitors through locations and services. Rapidly delivering interested parties to the relevant catering menus and contact forms necessary to connect with staff.

Along with the Social Media integration, the Knot wedding marketplace connects potential clients seeking referrals via Social Trust to the branded profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, The Knot, and Wedding Wire. We couldn’t be happier with the look, feel, and user experience provided by this website. We hope you enjoy navigating through, learning about another Small Business Doing Big Things in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.


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