According to Wyzowl, nine out of ten people want to see more video content from brands. That’s reason enough to explore video marketing. With more than 82% of web traffic consisting of video, if you’re not already using video content in your marketing strategy, you’re behind the curve.

Sure, videos are entertaining. They stimulate the senses and pique more emotions—emotions that often lead to purchases. Videos also help potential buyers retain information. Did you know that people remember 95% of a message delivered through video or images but only 10% of a message delivered with text? 

While these are  important reasons to incorporate videos into your content marketing strategy, the most important reason to do so is that videos help build brand authority. Without brand authority, the messages you convey won’t mean as much to your audience. You can build authority quickly with video marketing by working in some serious and helpful content in between videos meant to entertain. Yet, even producing entertaining videos can boost your brand’s credibility! 

If you’re not sure what to do to build brand authority with your videos, these tips can help.

 1. Post Tutorials

Showing potential buyers the best ways to use your products is a big winner for building authority. Straightforward products that have clear uses can benefit from videos that show new or surprising ways to get more value from them. 

User-generated content can give a big boost to your credibility. Welcoming your audience to share their own videos using your products is one marketing twist that can help you generate more content and increase  buyer engagement. 

2. Post Thought Leadership

Sharing a little inside information about your products, your reasons for creating or selling them, or even information about your industry as a whole can go a long way toward building brand authority. You can show your audience that you really understand the market and your buyers’ needs.

3. Share Case Studies

What better way to build brand authority than to show proof that your products or services work? By opening up your business for buyers to see inside through the case studies you share, you show transparency, authority, and capability.

4. Introduce Your Staff

This is one way to entertain viewers while building authority. By introducing your staff, you show buyers that real people run your company and provide the products and services they love. This transparency also works to build trust, and the parasocial connection buyers feel with your staff will inspire loyalty.

5. Recap Fun Business Events

Whether you recently attended a conference, opened a new store, or attended a marketing event for your products, you should share a video about your experience. Not all of your buyers have the opportunity to attend these events in person, and they’ll love that you not only take the time to get involved but you also share your experiences with them so they can live and enjoy vicariously.

The beauty of social media and smartphones is that polished, professional videos aren’t a requirement anymore. In fact, the more spontaneous and unvarnished your videos, the more transparent and trustworthy you appear. So hit record and start building some authority for your brand. If you need some help building a video marketing strategy, we’re always here for you.