Video Production

Video is fast becoming the only media people engage with.

Gone are the days of printed ads and even television. More and more, chord cutters and digital adopters are exclusively accessing content from their electronic devices. Total Active Social Media Users globally is almost 2 Billion users.

Facebook has over 1.5 Billion users. Youtube is also in the Billion users club. Other media like Instagram (400M), Google+ (343M), Twitter (316M), SnapChat (200M), Pinterest (100M) and LinkedIn (97M) all have incredible level of engagement. Segmented audiences able to be targeted by interests all available to engage in your brand.

Considering video marketing for your company?

If you’re just starting to consider video marketing for your company, it may surprise you to know how frequently other companies are posting videos. More than one-fourth of companies are creating video content DAILY according to Magisto, and the majority (54%) of companies are creating videos at least weekly. On average, businesses create 18 videos per month according to HubSpot.

Why so much video? Even among top global brands, most videos do not go viral. They receive fewer than 1000 views. But there is a strong correlation between more videos and greater viewership. In other words, the more videos you make, the greater your audience reach.

Why would you want to increase your company’s video budget spend? Overall, video drives engagement, and engagement drives customers. In other words, video can lead to an increase in revenue.

Effective videos types can include:

  • Customer testimonials that build trust.
  • Educational videos, recorded webinars, and/or thought leadership videos that provides technical information and showcases your expertise.
  • “Explainer” videos that define terminology and create understanding of a product.
  • Detailed demonstrations, helpful how-to videos, and tutorials that explain your products benefits and features.
  • Entertainment videos that generate more social shares.
  • “Edutainment” videosthat overlap educational and entertainment value.
  • Documentary-like case studies.
  • Repurposed blogs as video that extend and leverage topics of interest to your audience.

Keep in mind that people’s attention spans are short. Whatever type of video you choose to create, be sure to grab the viewers’ attention within the first ten seconds, then hold onto it.

Likewise, keep your videos only as long as necessary. A 30- to 60-second customer testimonial may be sufficient. But a demonstration video may need to run as long as two minutes. In general, try to keep your videos under three minutes, if possible.

Other sage advice? Be interesting. Distinctive. Don’t mimic others. Avoid the hard sell. Listen to what prospects and customers are asking. Be sure to answer their questions.

Always end with a call to action—even if it’s just encouraging your viewers to go to your website to learn more.

Video Production Special

ALL Video Engagements Require a one-time startup fee of $500.

Video Production Special includes concept development, implementation, strategy, filming, up to 3 edits and final delivery of video.

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