Email Marketing

As customers must opt-in to email marketing communication, they often respond positively.

Benefits of Email Marketing

One of the best features of email is that it allows for personal interaction. For example, it can be used to follow up with new subscribers. As a result, it lets businesses connect with new customers instantly. One way to connect personally is to add their names to the email sent to them.  

Email marketing often lets subscribers know about sales, events or even abandoned carts. It is important that email marketing campaigns relate to where each person is in the customer journey.

After a subscriber receives the first email, the process is not over. In fact, a series of emails goes out to respond to the subscriber's action.  Overall, email marketing is the most worthwhile way to keep your audience updated on programs, products or services. 

Looking for Help?

No matter the reason, we help craft email campaigns that inspire your audience to take action. We work with all clients to create an agreed upon calendar and time table.

 Furthermore, we select relevant articles that are between 400-600 words. Our team researches, writes, and revises all content which leads to the final result.

Our team learns about your business to create emails with on-brand elements, such as:

- Layout
- Design
- Graphics
- Copy

Articles are $450.00 each and include development, distribution, and reporting. Additionally, we take care of all photos, graphic design and content.

After an email marketing campaign is finished, our team reviews the results to improve success. This includes tracking actions such as email opens, clicks and those who took the ideal action. By looking at these results, we are able to create better targeted email campaigns. 

We're working throughout the Stay-at-Home order. We can help with Crisis Communication, Social Messaging, Video Production & More.

If you're still working and struggling with what you can do to grow your business through the current shelter in place order, let's discuss!