Small Businesses Doing Big Things: Advantage Employment, Inc.

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January 14, 2019
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January 22, 2019

As the current Chair of the GOA Regional Business Association, I found Sandra Teague of Advantage Employment, Inc. to be nothing short of remarkable. Having built her business around relationships and word of mouth marketing, Sandra realized the importance of an improved online experience for current, former, and future customers. Sandra was looking to the future and envisioning how she would incorporate other marketing activities like content marketing, social media marketing and e-notice distribution into her newly developed website.

Sandra’s project was a joy to implement. Having already worked through how she wanted to present her business as well as having created the copy for the site, we were looking at a straight migration project. Our goal was to upgrade the front-end design, incorporating the latest edition of WordPress. This ensured a mobile responsive and highly customizable site that would not only be built for incorporating best practices in Search Engine Optimization, but also aesthetically pleasing and mobile friendly across multiple devices.

The challenges on this project were actually presented during implementation of our workflow process. Sandra demonstrated there were some inefficiencies in our image selection process. With a firm grasp on how she wanted to visually represent her company, she invested time in making sure we used the appropriate photographs to convey the desired outcome. Through screen sharing and tele-conferencing, we were able to source the appropriate images that represent not only Sandra’s position as leader of a prominent woman owned business, but the professionalism of her and her team.

Advantage Employment, Inc. helps small businesses manage the relationship with their employees in a way that is compliant, cost effective, and supportive. They enable you to remain focused on your business while they provide the HR support that you need. Whether you are a start up company, or an established organization, Advantage tailors their services to your specific requirements while becoming an integral part of your team.

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