JRS MAR/COM is excited to announce and welcome Sean Weber to the company. Weber will be included as one of the company’s newest interns assisting in media production and post production editing. As a content provider, he will be involved with several social media outlets and a diverse range of organizations. Some of his responsibilities include event coverage, blog posting, page management, branding, logo creation, and event coordination. Working collaboratively, Weber can build upon the professional reputation and public image of those he partners with.

Sean Weber is an artist from Chicago, Illinois.  Weber studied Media Arts at the University of Montana where he began his practices with photography, film, post production, animation, and illustration. After two years he transferred to the school of Art, Media, and Design at Depaul University Chicago where he received the added benefit of a more traditional education in classical design and studio art concepts paired with digital practices. Currently, Weber is in his senior year at DePaul University pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree, expecting to graduate in the spring of 2020. 

 Weber’s time spent in Montana and Chicago led him to share a strong connection with both nature and urban landscapes. While working on these types of projects, Weber practices monochromatic and color photography because he believes both practices study light in a unique way that complement the other’s overall quality as they continue to evolve his thought patterns in completely separate ways. The juxtaposition of both natural and urban environments ultimately inspired Weber to publish a book during 2018 that explored the frozen beaches of Chicago’s winter. 

Weber diversifies his portfolio of work by photographing animals and filming extreme sports athletes.  With animals, Weber studies their habits, behaviors and natural tendencies, creating rich visual narratives.  His exposure to the world of extreme sports offers an unorthodox perspective at the intersection of audio, visual and culture.   

When he steps away from the broader media ecosystem, Weber practices several instruments – most frequently the guitar and the drums. He describes music as having heavily influenced his artistic direction from an early age and strives to let that show throughout his work. Equipped with proper perspective, even the everyday routine can seem foreign under the right microscope. Finding the anomaly is my passion. It’s always hiding just below the surface.