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Digital Marketing Manager Hired
February 10, 2019
Mobile Friendly Websites
March 4, 2019

JRS Mar/Com is excited to announce Breanna Hanson as one of the company’s newest Digital Marketing employees. Here’s just a little bit about Breanna.

Hello world. My name Breanna Hanson. My whole life I either get [bre•ANNA] and most spell my name with an I and one N. The proper pronunciation is [bre•ah•na]. It is spelled with an E and with two N’s so just call me Bre or my full name. I’m pretty chill about how people pronounce my name at this point in my life so do whatever floats your boat as it is fun to see what people come up with!

I’m a recent college graduate ready to take my creative skills and turn them into a career some day. I received my college degree from Carthage College located in Kenosha, WI. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and majored in Graphic Design. At Carthage College, I participated in a few clubs from the school newspaper and magazine club to even taking a self-defense class one year. In the newspaper and magazine club I helped with the designing for each of the printouts handed out each month. I also was a part of a club called DRAFT. Here, as a small group of graphic designers, we were responsible for all of the graphic design work that needed to be done for the school when it came to flyers and promotional collateral for other clubs as well as for the school. I tried to be as involved as I could while working a full time job and because of this I learned time management skills and how to balance a hectic schedule while being able to succeed.

Since graduating in May of 2018, I’ve been able to work on design work at a creative agency located in a suburb of Chicago. I’ve also been able to work closely with family and close friends on graphic design projects and photography. Now I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with JRS Mar/Com. I’m intrigued to see where this takes me and I hope to learn lots. I’m excited to get started while getting great experience with graphic design, user experience and website design.

To wrap things up, here’s just a few short things to know about me for fun. I for one would like to say that I am terrified of spiders and I absolutely love food; two things that most people I’m sure can relate to. If food is involved I will most likely be there. I love to be outdoors, I enjoy traveling, and I love to also spend time with my family.

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