Wow, what a sprint! 2020 was (and is) the wildest year we’ve ever been a part of. Not really ideal conditions for opening the Indiana office of JRS Mar/Com and launching a new market (northwest Indiana). The changing restrictions related to the pandemic were a mild inconvenience, yet still allowed us to cross the Indiana-Illinois border a few times a week to meet with clients and prospects in Illinois.

Our team continued to grow in 2020 to meet growing demand. We were able to add both Sarah Strobel Digital Marketing Specialist and Cali Young Office Administrator. We also expanded our creative team, building on the project work of Neil Tarnowski, Bridget Gallagher, Kyle Muha and more. This allows us to handle the increased workload without missing a beat.

While our main business development activity of networking has been all but shut down, we continue attempting to appear at virtual events hosted within our different Chamber memberships. We now belong to 5 Chambers. When we share information on our social medias related to shopping local (#shoplocal), it’s more than lip service. We invest in the communities we live and work in.

Our virtual seminar series saw us presenting WYDDS to multiple Chamber’s of Commerce up and down the 294 corridor, including the Crossroads Chamber, Bolingbrook Chamber, Valparaiso Chamber, the GOA Regional Business Association and the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce . We also expanded our relationship with Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), presenting to not only the Harper College location, but also the NWI SBDC in Crown Point, IN.

For the first time in 2020, we submitted for and were awarded with a Hermes Creative award for our Adventures of Mar + Com comic book. We not only won, but were awarded a Platinum award, the highest level, pitting our campaign against the likes of Enterprise organizations with significantly higher budgets. This sales piece was supposed to be activated at Expos and Conventions throughout the year, but the pandemic made us pivot. We still distributed copies to prospects as part of a mail/call campaign.



Keep your head up for more team stories. As we have been forced to scale back our activities outside of the quarantine bubble, we have reinforced our belief that family and friends come first. You’ll be hearing more about our team members spread throughout the globe. We continue to have a global team of employees and subcontractors that can create world class creative for your digital marketing needs.